Health Check

Our IT Health Check will let you know what have where. What is strong and what is weak. If there is a weakness what will be the best way to solve it.


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What we check:

  • Windows Version (Can you be encrypted for GDPR?)
  • Specification of computer (What upgrades maybe useful)
  • Anti-Virus (Do you have one? Is it appropriately licensed?)
  • How do you store your data (What are the risks to your data?)
  • Backups (Do you have one? Will it allow you to recover from Ransomware?)
  • Microsoft Office License (Is it appropriately licensed?)
  • WiFi (Do you have a guest WiFi to keep your equipment safe from visitors?)

We provide you with a report identifying your IT Strengths and Weaknesses. This also covers making sure you are protected IT wise in regards to GDPR.

Hardware Review

Whether we have just started our business with the spare family computer, or been in business for several years. What specification of the computer you have? Is it suitable? How much life does it have left?

We often hear “my computer is running slow” and we can advise if it is worth upgrading, or getting new would be better

Did you know losing 10 minutes a day to a slow PC actually costs 1 week a year (40 hours) – how much could the business earn with an extra 40 hours?

Operating System & Encryption Review

There is no law requiring your computer to be encrypted, however if it is lost or stolen without encryption, you will be officially having a data breach. It would take an 8 year old child 3 minutes to access all data on an unencrypted PC even if there was a password on the user profile.


Windows 7 came to End of Life on 14th January 2020 – yet we still see so many computers running it. Windows 7 has no encryption and has not received any security updates for well over a year.

Windows 8 came to End of Life on 12th January 2016, but everyone was entitled to get Windows 8.1 which comes to End of Life on 11th June 2023. Windows 8.1 does include encryption with the Professional version, however most people only get the Home version when buying from a high street store.

Windows 10 is the current version of Windows. However which update version do you have? Twice a year Windows updates, the 1903 update came out of support on 8th December 2020. Again most computers with Widows 10 that are sold to consumers include Windows 10 Home. This version does not have built in encryption.

Mac OS

The current Mac OS version is 11 – Big Sur. Mac only keeps the current and the previous version active for security updates. Currently the previous version is Mac OS 10.15 Catalina and will be valid until the next Mac OS comes. The new Mac OS Monterey has already been unveiled.

Internet Security

What internet security software do you have?
Is it licensed for commercial use?
Is it home, commercial or enterprise quality?

A business holds data on their clients, this maybe other businesses, it maybe data on their clients, it maybe private individuals. It is the duty of care for a business to ensure this data is kept safe and secure.

Data Location

Where is the data stored?
We often come across people just saving data to the computer wherever the software suggests. The danger with not knowing where the data is saved is, do we know if it is on the cloud? Is it being included in the backup? Or is the data only on the computer that will be gone forever if the hard drive dies or the computer is stolen.

Are you paying for extra storage, that is also included in other tools you’re paying for?

Office Software

For most businesses office software is needed. While there are many choices, typically it can be GSuite or Office 365.

We have found many times people using both, paying for both. Or Office 365 having been bought, but it is the Personal or Family license, which are not licensed for commercial/business use. Did you know many professional indemnity insurance policies are invalidated if incorrectly licensed software is being used

If Office 365 or GSuite business versions have been brought, are the correct licenses in place. We have seen many times people paying for licenses they don’t need.

From this health check you will know what you have and what you need.

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