Dark Web Monitoring

When data is stolen from businesses from various hacks, these thieves are very benevolent and share the data freely. Sometimes if it is a huge vault of data they may chose to sell it to make a profit. The big thing though is this happens all over the Dark Web.

The Dark Web may seem scary, but it’s just a section on the internet where all the shady stuff happens, just like most cities have areas more prevalent to crime than others.

So data has been stolen, its been shared on the Dark Web, what can be done about it? The answer is nothing it is out there. but the question is do you know it is out there and do you know what is out there about you? Dark Web Monitoring is where we have a tool that is continuously scouring all the Dark Dens of the Dark Web, where all this information gets passed and bragged about (Picture a digital text version of a bar in Tortuga during pirate times). From here we can monitor to see if any clients we are monitoring for have their details shared about and alert them.

Don’t forget not all exploits will hit the news. While the big companies having Data Breaches there is lots of publicity about, but not so much the smaller businesses, the ones that don’t even know its happened, or the individual who has been tricked into giving away their password from a phishing scam. Our tool monitors for all of these ones as they are shared.

When we get an alert we let our clients know what has been leaked about them, so if it is a password they can get it changed and updated, and wherever else they use that password to get it changed. We live in the real world and we know passwords get reuse, ask us about Password Managers to help with this.

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